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Hi, my name is Gellért. I'm a creature called a human, living on earth. I live in a small house in the Budapest of Hungary, where I made most of my blip-blop music. I have alot of dumb software that I make music with, so because of that, I made music for 4 commodore systems, 3 nintendo systems, way too many PC tracker and sound formats, and so on.

When I was younger, I heard of this thing called retro game music, so I decided to look further and further into it. The thing that interested me the most was C64 music, since it seemed to be pretty configurable. But before that, I started making music in OpenMPT. I started experimenting with the bleeps within it since 2018, but those files are sadly lost now.
Anyways.... After messing around with samples, I've decided to finally tinker with something else. I got an older version of the vanilla FamiTracker, and I started making music within it. The biggest project I've made for it was in August 2019 called..... damn, I forgot now. Sadly, that have been lost to time and because of a HDD wipe.
From Nintendo, I switched to other consoles and computers. I started making C64 too, but I realized that I've made a mistake: Deflemask (the tracker I used) has sheiße quality emulation. So in 6 hours, I learned GoatTracker and I made quite alot of SID-s. I even have some in the HVSC!

Anyways, the correct way to pronounce my name is /gelleːrt/, but who cares, you can pronounce it however you'd want :)